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Antioxidant series

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Antioxidant 1135 TDS

Properties:This product is a kind of colorless or canary liquid, SFChem1135 is a 100%  activeliquid hindered phenolic antioxidant.The melting point isbelow 10, soluble in  benzene, acetone, chloroform, ethyl acetate, methanol, dichloromethane, and polyether  polyol, insoluble in water.Low volatility and excellent compatibility.


Uses:SFChem 1135 is an excellent antioxidant for various polymers. For PU soft-foam  rubber plate, it can prevent polybasic alcohol from creating peroxide during storage  period, and prevent scorch during the process of froth. With low volatility and  outstanding compatibility, it shows especially good effect during the process of forced air  cooling of PU. This function can also prevent surface fogging of auto parts and fabric’s  coloring. The low volatility and liquid state of SFChem make it especially suitable under  the condition of liquid, latex, suspension, solution or melting polymerization and  processing. SFChem 1135 is easy to be emulsified, therefore can be dissolved, dispersed  or kept pure liquid state. SFChem 1135 can be added before, in the middle of, or after  polymerization. The amount to be used may be 0.15%~0.50%.  

Package and Storage: Packed with metal pails, net weight 185 kg/pail, or according to  customers’ equirements. Store in a cool area designed for the storage of chemicals. Period  of validity: Normally 24 months.