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Sunfed Chem is a company involved in the sales, agency, and import/export of a diverse range of chemical products. We specialize in selling antioxidants, light stabilizers, acetylacetonate salts and other chemical additives. Additionally, we serve as the first-tier agent for several renowned manufacturers in China, Become a well-known company in the chemical industry。

        Our products find extensive applications in various sectors such as petrochemicals, plastics (masterbatch/film), automotive parts, coatings, construction materials, packaging, electronics, and more. With many years of experience and continuous growth, Sunfed Chem has cultivated a substantial customer base, including numerous  leaders in their respective fields. We adhere to principles of science, technology, innovation, integrity management, and quality as integral components of our business policy.

        Sunfed Chem is committed to collaborating with both existing and new customers worldwide, striving for mutual success.