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Antioxidant series

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Andioxidant SF1520-TDS

Chinese name: 2,4-2 (n-octyl thiomeylene) -6-methyl phenol English name:  2,4-Bis (octylthiomethyl) -6-Methylphenol CAS number: 110553-27-0 constitutional formula: molecular formula:C25H44OS2 Molecular weight: 424.7 physical property: Melting point:> 14Appearance: white crystalline or colorless to pale yellow liquid Specific gravity: 0.980 (20) Viscosity: 80-90mPa.s20℃) qualification: Purity: 95% Flash point: 200

Antioxident SF-1520 is a new high-molecular-weight liquid antioxidant that has a  certain effect on the stabilization of rubber and the adhesive compounds.1520 Can  effectively prevent the formation of the gel, and prevent the change of the rubber  color, molecular weight and viscosity during the isolation, drying in the warehouse  and shipping process.1520 Even in rubber processing without phosphite (TNPP) is  very effective. But if needed, adding phosphide will work better. Also, 1520 may be  used in a polymeric or organic matrix, including thermoplastic elastomers, synthetic  oil, and the like
Use: This product is a new rubber antioxidant. Mainly used in butadiene rubber,  butadiene rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, nitrile rubber, thermoplastic tile and  other synthetic rubber, its dosage is less, oxygen resistance effect is good, can  improve the stability of plastic or synthetic plastic. Belong to the environmental  protection antioxidant, realized the rubber products from general to environmental  protection. This product can also be applied in lubricants, plastics and other polymer  polymer, have excellent antioxidant efficiency.

Packaging, storage, transportation and precautions: Galvanized bucket with net weight of 200kg. This product shall be stored in a clean and dry place for rain protection. Strong rubbing should be avoided when handling this product.