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Antioxidant series

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Characterization: SF-168 is a hydrolytically stable phosphite processing stabilizer. As a secondary antioxidant, which can reaction with hydroperoxides of polymers preventing process induced degradation and extending the performance of primary antioxidants. 

Chemical Name: Tris -(2 ,4-di- tert-butyl-phenyl)-phosphite 

Molecular Weight: 646       Molecular formula: C42H63O3P  


Features/Benefits: SF-168 is a phosphite with low volatility and particularly resistant to hydrolysis. It protects polymers during the processing steps (compounding/pelletizing, fabrication and recycling) from molecular weight change and prevents discoloration. 

Applications: SF-168 used combine with other antioxidants. Can be used in polyolefins and olefin-copolymers. Also can be used in polycarbonates and polyamides, polyesters, styrene homo- and copolymers, adhesives and natural and synthetic resins, elastomers. 

Product form, Package & Shelf life: Product is in crystalline powder. Product packed in PE bag within carton box or in FIBC. Product Shelf life is 24 months since manufacture date under normal storage condition.